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These Terms of Service are subject to change at any time without notice. 

These Terms of Service apply to Non-Commercial work ONLY.
A separate contract will be made for each individual commercial work.
(i.e. Book covers, t-shirt designs, etc.) If you are not sure if your commission is commercial or non, please do not hesitate to ask me. 

1) Prices: 
Displayed Base Prices are subject to change at any time. 
And current pricing may still vary from base prices according to the complexity, difficulty, size, medium, and time each individual piece takes to complete.
The Client will be warned of such changes before any commission is accepted. Payments are accepted through Paypal only.
Once the Client and Artist have agreed upon a price and a commission has started or is in progress the Prices and Terms remain concrete,
unless the client asks for changes to be made to the artwork or artworks at any time during the making of or negotiation of said works.
The Client will be warned then too if Price or Terms change.

2) Please Have A Good Idea Of What It Is That You Want:
Clear and concise visual references and/or description of a commission idea must be provided by the Client,
after which a preliminary quote will be provided by the Artist before the artwork is created.

3) If Commissioning the Artist Personally (not through dA commissions widget):
The Artist must be payed half the agreed commission price upfront
before the Artist even begins to start drawing it. 
A preliminary sketch will be sent to the Client's E-Mail, or by link to the Client's DeviantArt Notes, for the Client to review.
Requests by the client to the Artist for alterations of the commission will only be made in the sketch phase.
Once shading or color is in the process the  commission will not be requested to be altered away from its proceeding direction.  
(The Artist will still send progressive images of commission at the Artist's deciding intervals)
The remaining total of the commission price will be given upon approval of completed watermarked image of said
commission sent to the Client's E-Mail or by link through DeviantArt Note for the Client to review. 
If the client approves the commission, the Artist is to be payed in full before shipping the original artwork to the Client.
(Will ship in the U.S.A. only. The Artist is not to be held responsible for artwork or artworks being lost or damaged during shipping.)
If the Client doesn't approve upon review or beforehand decides to cancel the commission for whatever reason, the Client will keep their remaining total of the price. 
The upfront half will NOT be refunded should the client disapprove finished commission artwork or cancel at any time.
I need to be payed for my time and effort.
The Artist has the right to cancel and refund a commission at anytime, without having to tell the client why, however should the Artist decide to cancel,
the Client will be refunded in full of the amount they actually payed.

4) Communications: 
The Artist will not discuss a commission with a client via public forum, instant messenger, or other such methods.
Communications about commissions between Client and Artist will be made only through E-Mail or via DeviantArt Note (
to ensure all information and communications are private and consolidated in one location.

5) Updates:
The Artist ensures the Client will receive updates on their commission when necessary.
Clients are encouraged to check in when they feel it's necessary for updates, assurance or reminders.
But must not hound or harass the Artist to rush.
Public updates will also be made via a to-do list that is always available through this deviantArt Terms of Service journal (at the bottom) and is updated frequently. 

6) Disclaimer:
I specialize in animals so please keep that in mind when commissioning me.
The artist will not draw the depiction of illegal activities, erotic or sexually explicit (x-rated) materials or hateful images.
Innocent/artistic nudity, and humorously offensive work will be considered on a case-by-case basis as with human and humanoid figures. 
With the exception of small children with their pet.
(As small children have simpler features. But still take more time than animals to draw, the addition of a child would cost extra and will be negotiated between the Artist and the Client.) 
The Artist usually will not do vehicles, buildings, machinery, technology, electronics, or guns. 
The Artist usually will not do large calligraphy. 
The Artist will draw some violence blood and gore.
The Artist will do some stylized works such as cartoon, cutesy, tribal etc.
The Artist will do some fantasy creatures.
The Artist has the right to accept or decline ANY offer
at the Artists own discretion.

7) Copyright: 
When a Client pays for a commission the Client is paying for the artwork or artwork's themselves, not the copyright ©
The art (the commission or commission's) remains copyrighted © to the Artist and the Artist retains ALL rights to the commissioned artwork or artworks,
(unless discussed and agreed upon otherwise) including the right to show, alter, make merchandise, and prints. 
Commissioned artwork's are not to be used commercially without the Artist's consent. 
If anyone wishes to post or show the Artist's artwork anywhere else they must first have the Artist's consent, and the Artist must be given credit
by my DeviantArt username "mysteriouswhitewolf " and a link should be visibly made to said piece in Artist's gallery or at least the Artist's profile if possible.
And image must not be any high resolution or unwatermarked version of the artwork.
Artist's signature should NOT be removed from the commission under any circumstance by anyone else but the Artist,
and should always remain visible should the client be permitted by the Artist to show or post it publicly. 
(unless agreed upon by the Artist otherwise).
None are allowed to edit, recreate, or alter commissioned works without the Artist's permission first.

8) Personal Use.
Once the Artist is paid in full the Client is allowed to re-size or crop the artwork to create icons, wallpapers,
or other graphics to be used in non-commercial digital format for personal use only, but the Client cannot alter the artwork itself.
The Client may also upload their commissioned artwork to their profiles on other websites (I.e. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) ,
but credit to the Artist is required as described in paragraph "7) Copyright".
And image must not be any high resolution of the artwork.

9) Sketches and Rejected Works:
The Artist may recycle sketches and works that were rejected by the Client for other commissions projects or personal works.

10) Agreement:
The Client must read, understand and agree to all the above terms before entering into an agreement with the Artist. By sending payment, the Client agrees to the above terms.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask any time!


Commission types and pricing:
I will be working mostly and best with Prismacolor Colored Pencils and Graphite.

But upon request I can work in Prismacolor Watercolor Colored Pencils, and Pastel Colored Pencils.

All Artworks will be done on Bristol Board Paper.
(These base prices are based on paper size category of 9x12in.)

$50 for a complete full color drawing headshot simple or no background.
Australian Shepherd Dog by mysteriouswhitewolf

$44 for a mostly or all black and white headshot drawing simple or no background.
D.J. by mysteriouswhitewolf

$70 for full color simple or no background body shot drawing.
Shiloh by mysteriouswhitewolf

$64 for mostly or all black and white body shot drawing simple or no background.
 Black Cat by mysteriouswhitewolf

The request of a detailed background or more than one subject
will be at an additional price.

$80 for full color body shot with detailed background.
Wolf Morning by mysteriouswhitewolf

$55 two subjects full color simple or no background head shots.
Be'lial and Piter by mysteriouswhitewolf

Other paper size options are negotiable with the Artist. Shipping is included in the price. 

Base prices may vary increasing or decreasing at my discretion of individual commissions based on amount
of detail, complexity, time commission will take to complete, and 
size. Payments are accepted through Paypal.

Current To-Do List:

:iconcommissionsopenplz: commission me! :iconinuspazplz:


mysteriouswhitewolf's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I love to draw. My preferred subjects are animals/wildlife, I am just as heavily into animal behavior as I am art, particularly with canids. They go hand in hand at times, I love to educate people about animals through my art. My favorite animals are wolves. I love them if you hadn't noticed. ;) I knew they were my favorite animal since the age of three.

I believe most people have something in common with a certain animal individual to that person fitting their personality. So I draw the people in my life as what I imagine their animal to be. I believe that if my soul could take any form it would be that of a wolf.
And I use the wolf to draw strength and wisdom from.
Seeing in this way can teach us many things about ourselves as I have learned.
Despite my strange way of seeing things many wouldnt guess that
I believe in God. I grew up in Christian faith, however I dont know if I
would technically call myself a Christian anymore.
Though my belief in Jesus and God are strong.
I love everyone no matter who or what you are, say, believe, or do.

I've loved to draw since I was very little, though what kid didn't?
I started seriously trying to draw when I was 11 years old after watching an anime called "Inuyasha". The imagination and otherworldly creativity put into it just blew me away and I started drawing the characters. This led me to watching many other anime, like "Wolf's Rain". And attempting to draw the beautifully designed characters over and over. Slowly learning how to draw better and better, I progressed at a relatively good if not, quick pace.
I owe my introduction to art, with the art of Anime and its storytelling.

I had just started shadowing my artwork in 2010 after picking up a book from the library called "How to Draw Real Animals" by Lee Hammond, that taught me how to shade, adding some dimension to my work. And as of June 2013 for the first time I finally took art classes under my teacher Yily at the small "For the Love of Art Studio" close to where I live.
Here is a link to my teacher's gallery aswell as information on the studio:

My favorite medium is graphite and colored pencils. <3
I use mostly my cheap mechanical pencil, 0.5. My Prismacolor colored pencils, and am practicing with watercolor pencils, watercolor, and pastels.

I usually draw at night, when I know I wont be bothered and can concentrate.
Its always been that way. :)

A special thanks to every person who saw and liked my art on this site before I owned
a scanner and all of my artwork was uploaded in shitty quality, with my shitty camera. :tighthug:
Thanks for looking past the roughness.
And to those who stuck around. :heart:

Current Residence: My imagination...
Favourite style of art: Art that shows a piece of the artist is what makes good art in my opinion.
Shell of choice: Turtle?
Favourite cartoon character: Inuyasha, hands down.
Personal Quote: "Little did you know, you were staring a wolf in the face." ~me

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