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while I don't condone the falsehood and negativity of "Little Red Riding Hood" and "The Grey",
I don't think it's right to try and stop fictional movies and books from being released just because they depict the wolf
in a negative light. Because doesn't that become censorship?
After the announcement of a children's book publishing company re-releasing an old book about a stupid wolf,
everyone seems to think the company needs to put the book away in the archives as fear mongering propaganda.
And while I certainly would not miss such a book and understand everyone's disgust- If you remove wolves as the bad guys in everything, then wouldn't you
also have to remove other animals depicted as bad guys in things? Think of the hyena's in Lion King, should Lion King be boycotted and removed?
If it were any other animal say a bear, who also has a lot of controversy surrounding it, would anyone even blink an eye?
Fiction is fiction, I do not think it's a children stories publishing companies responsibility to teach our children (and some adults) common sense, that lies on parents & educators.
That is why Peter Pan can fly, the lion in Narnia can talk, and witches are nearly always portrayed as little old ladies.
It does not mean your child can fly, lions are negotiable, or that all old ladies are witches. (watch your back though ;) lol)

Rather than censorship why can't we celebrate the good positive books and movies out there for children?
To foster more releases of movies and books showing animals with already bad reputations lacking a perspective from a positive light?

Here in a day or two in this journal I am gonna list a bunch on wolves I have found, listing the ones I have read/watched first I may keep this list open and updated so people can get things for their little loved one to foster a curiosity in wolves. 
I am working on a project right now and don't have time to type a whole list out.
But I thought I'd share what I thought about the subject before it got lost in my brain's scattered wanderings.
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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I love to draw. My preferred subjects are animals/wildlife, I am just as heavily into animal behavior as I am art, particularly with canids. They go hand in hand at times, I love to educate people about animals through my art. My favorite animals are wolves. I love them if you hadn't noticed. ;) I knew they were my favorite animal since the age of three.

I believe most people have something in common with a certain animal individual to that person fitting their personality. So I draw the people in my life as what I imagine their animal to be. I believe that if my soul could take any form it would be that of a wolf.
And I use the wolf to draw strength and wisdom from.
Seeing in this way can teach us many things about ourselves as I have learned.
Despite my strange way of seeing things many wouldnt guess that
I believe in God. I grew up in Christian faith, however I dont know if I
would technically call myself a Christian anymore.
Though my belief in Jesus and God are strong.
I love everyone no matter who or what you are, say, believe, or do.

I've loved to draw since I was very little, though what kid didn't?
I started seriously trying to draw when I was 11 years old after watching an anime called "Inuyasha". The imagination and otherworldly creativity put into it just blew me away and I started drawing the characters. This led me to watching many other anime, like "Wolf's Rain". And attempting to draw the beautifully designed characters over and over. Slowly learning how to draw better and better, I progressed at a relatively good if not, quick pace.
I owe my introduction to art, with the art of Anime and its storytelling.

I had just started shadowing my artwork in 2010 after picking up a book from the library called "How to Draw Real Animals" by Lee Hammond, that taught me how to shade, adding some dimension to my work. And as of June 2013 for the first time I finally took art classes under my teacher Yily at the small "For the Love of Art Studio" close to where I live.
Here is a link to my teacher's gallery aswell as information on the studio:

My favorite medium is graphite and colored pencils. <3
I use mostly my cheap mechanical pencil, 0.5. My Prismacolor colored pencils, and am practicing with watercolor pencils, watercolor, and pastels.

I usually draw at night, when I know I wont be bothered and can concentrate.
Its always been that way. :)

A special thanks to every person who saw and liked my art on this site before I owned
a scanner and all of my artwork was uploaded in shitty quality, with my shitty camera. :tighthug:
Thanks for looking past the roughness.
And to those who stuck around. :heart:

Current Residence: My imagination...
Favourite style of art: Art that shows a piece of the artist is what makes good art in my opinion.
Shell of choice: Turtle?
Favourite cartoon character: Inuyasha, hands down.
Personal Quote: "Little did you know, you were staring a wolf in the face." ~me

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